• Josh Felser


    Josh Felser is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology, innovation and the environment. Felser is co-founder of Freestyle, an early stage venture fund. Prior to Freestyle, he started two successful Internet companies, Spinner and Grouper, which were acquired by AOL Time Warner and Sony. He graduated from Duke and Fuqua, where he's currently on the board of the Center for Entrepreneurship. Felser woke up to the challenge of battling climate change over a year ago after Bill Mckibben scared the hell out of him.

  • Steve Simitzis


    With two decades of tech and non-profit experience, 10 years in entertainment and mobile apps, and a lifetime of working to halt climate change, Steve Simitzis is serious about [favorite climate action]. Co-founder of #climate, Simitzis is [what is he trying to achieve/what are his climate change goals?] More text here and more text here, let's see if we can make the word count match up with Josh's word count. More text here and more text here, let's see if we can make the word count match up with Josh's word count.

  • Joshua Kaufman


    Joshua Kaufman is an independent product designer living in San Francisco. Previously, he led user experience at the ExactTarget Social Media Lab, designed mobile applications at Punchcut, and led the design of Radar, one of the first mobile photo sharing services. He's passionate about design, cycling, and products that make a positive, lasting impact.

  • Joseph Kumph

    iOS developer

    Technologist and business guy Joseph Kumph has worked in Silicon Valley for more than a decade. On the tech side, he’s a generalist with special proficiency in iOS mobile development, Rails web development, and Linux/cloud administration. On the business side, he's operated an indie iOS dev shop through Kumph Corporation for the last 5 years.

  • Strohl

    Identity and Brand Design

    Strohl is a San Francisco-based design company headed by Eric & Christine Strohl. Their expertise in visual brand identity has been featured in publications such as Communication Arts, Wired, and The Type Directors Club, and has been nominated for three James Beard awards. Their eclectic style turns the intangible into something visually unforgettable.

  • Sandler Foundation

    #climate is proud to be supported by Sandler Foundation, whose mission is to help strengthen the progressive infrastructure, expose corruption and abuse, advocate for vulnerable and exploited people and environments, and advance scientific research in neglected areas.

  • Zaw Thet

    special advisor

    Veteran entrepreneur, philanthropist, and non-profit champion Zaw Thet serves as special advisor to #climate. Thet is chairman and founder of Palindrome Advisors, board member of After School All Stars, and an honorary board member of the San Francisco SPCA.